A signature aroma is a brand’s authenticity. It is that standout point which distinguishes a brand from the others. The outcome of developing and diffusing a signature aroma can increase brand loyalty, product confidence, sales volume, price/value perception and more.

Aromatic environments increase purchase intent and average unit sales. It increases the duration of a retail visit or stay among consumers and also boosts the willingness of consumers to pay a premium for the product.

From offices and trade show booths to retail environments and the products themselves, the true power of olfactory branding (also known as aroma branding) is in its unique ability to form immediate, powerful, and differentiated emotional connections with customers, particularly within a category of similar offerings. A unique aroma can spark the memory of the associated products or events, even for an incident dating back to one’s childhood.

Holiday Inn is a part of InterContinental Hotels Group. From international luxury to local comforts, IHG is home to the worlds’ most prestigious and well-known hotel brands. Within the IHG family, they have powerful brands with deep history & heritage. The ‘territorial’ or the ‘local’ feel in their global experience is the USP of our client. Holiday Inn is known for their clean and spacious properties. They wanted to create a pleasant welcoming experience for their guests. Soulflower designed a Signature Aroma Oil which promoted healthy and clean breathing in their properties while giving a feeling of clean and space thru aroma. Delivering beyond the desired is not just a belief, but a culture at Soulflower. The signature aroma oil met all the boundaries of perfection and was ideal for our client. Astonished with our results, our client, Holiday Inn, helped us spread our wings in all their properties of Crowne plazaand InterContinental across India.

We have also designed signature aromas for Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and Sidddhivinayak Temple. Siddhivinayak is enriched with holiness and a positive aura and is one of the well-known temples of India. The authenticity of the temple woven by the threads of culture, belief and mythology dates back to19th century, which has created a strong belief within the hearts of the devotees not just in India but also internationally. Siddhivinayak experiences a huge footfall of over 30,000 devotees. Mumbai being a coastal city with high humidity level which leads to high body-sweating. Devotees also often get along with them their offering to Lord Ganesha in the form of flowers, sweets and coconut. All these together create a miasma at the sanctum which is something Soulflower addressed. We designed Signature Ganesha Aroma Oil, which associates with the elements that are close to Lord Ganesha. Not only does this blend make the miasma vanish into thin air but it also leaves a holy aroma which maintains the freshness of the sanctum.

Shoppers Stop uses different aromas for different sections in their retail outlets. An aroma was designed for the women’s section to make them feel comfortable and relaxed while shopping. Soulflower conceptualised a special aroma for the kidssection to keep them engaged and happy. A special aroma is diffused to nullify the odour in the leather goods section. This increased the duration of visit or stay of the customers which in turn boosted sales and drove revenues. It also enhanced customer engagement and increased brand loyalty.

A Signature Naturals Ice-creams aroma has been conceptualised. This helps to eliminate outside odour in their stores. The aroma creates a pleasant ambience which helps to enhance the fragrance of their ice creams. As a result of our aromas flavourslike mango, jamun, strawberry and many more could be easily identified by the fragrance of their key ingredients. It creates an environment of intriguing aromas which helps to increase customer engagement.

Mercedes as a brand is known for their luxurious and elegant cars. Mercedes believes in delivering an unforgettable experience to their customers. They wanted an ambience in accordance to their brand. We designed a Signature aroma oil which is not only comforting and luxurious but also aids better decision making. The aroma has proven to be a brand asset and has been codified as a brand standard that defines the company’s experience and brand personality, just as background music, colourscheme, decor, and advertising does. Regular internal and online surveys reveal that the aroma enhanced visiting experience and increased brand memorability for thousands of guests.

We not only cater to indoor aromatising but also design aromas for outdoor events. The Delhi marathon was unaffected by the thick smog. We at Soulflower created an environment for healthy breathing through 150 diffusion machines and signature aromas for the marathon. It helped to create an energetic atmosphere for 30,000 people in the vicinity. We created an atmosphere which was healthy, clean and aromatic. We were successful in creating a safe environment for the Delhi marathon.

While packaged goods, hospitality, retail, medicine, real estate, and fitness are some of the obvious industries for employing aroma branding, many brands in other industries have benefited from this approach. Regardless of the industry, the process and considerations for developing an olfactory brand are the same.

Brand DNA.Just as in visual or audio branding, the signature aroma needs to convey and support the brand foundation. For this process, you need to define your unique promise, brand personality, values and the overall emotions that you’d like associated with your brand experience.

Translate your statement into an aroma.Work with our aroma branding strategist to create your signature aroma . Signature aroma development and diffusion is an art and a science. You need the combination of an aroma strategist’s skill to interpret a brand through the olfactory lens and the creativity of an aroma expert to create the right composition.

Run tests. Pilot the signature aroma before exposing it to prospects and customers. Testing can be as simple as deploying it in your offices to see the reaction of your employees. Alternatively, you can test it with customers in focus group settings, one-on-one interviews, or other market research environments that enable researchers to gauge the prospect’s reaction to it and their interpretation of its meaning.

You must differentiate your brand emotionally and memorably. We wish to deliver ‘Your authentic self to your customers’

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