Your Complete Ceramides Guide

Your Complete Ceramides Guide

Let’s talk about Ceramides and how they support your skin’s health as you age gracefully. 💚

✔️Ceramides are the naturally-occurring fats and play an essential role in the skin’s function.

✔️Ceramides to skin cells are like mortar to the bricks. There are also synthetic ceramides that are more stable than natural ones.

✔️The outer layer of your skin, called the stratum corneum, serves as a barrier to protect your skin and seal moisture. If your skin barrier isn’t working properly, it lets water out. A lack of moisture causes your skin to dry out, look dull and become more sensitive.

✔️The absolute MUST to include in your skincare routine, Ceramides replenish the skin’s natural barrier and restore moisture. Your skin feels a lot less irritated and a lot more improved.

Soulflower Vitamin C 0.5% Green Tea Glowing Day Cream SPF30+ is power-packed with the magical Ceramides!

Think of it like a cashmere blanket for the skin!

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