Upside - Down Hair Washing! And Why This Practice Is Coming Back In Style!

Upside - Down Hair Washing! And Why This Practice Is Coming Back In Style!

Considering the amount of damage our hair goes through, it's hardly a surprise that we find any hacks that promise to make our strands softer/shinier/healthier!

Upside down hair washing is one such thing!

The back of the head is usually the area people rush through, and they tend to focus on the top—but the majority of our hair is at the back of the head. Which results in an oily scalp that can lead to loss of volume, wet dandruff, and scalp buildup. When it comes to washing our hair, most people tilt their heads up toward the ceiling with their faces away from the shower head.

But it turns out, that flipping that method and washing hair upside down can actually be much more effective It is the key to deeper cleans, better volume, and shinier, bouncier hair!

What does it do?

- Allows you to shampoo your hair from different angles

- Reaches back of the scalp to stimulate follicle & promote hair growth

- Prevents breakouts on the neck due to excessive build-up of dirt, oil, shampoo & conditioner

- Lets the shampoo lather properly, cleansing the entire hair length

Products you need: 

- Onion Hair Oil 

- Onion Bioton Shampoo 

- Argan Tamanu Conditioner 

Why you need them:  

Onions are the perfect addition to all your savory dishes. Not only does it make your food taste impeccable, but it did you know they are also the perfect addition to your hair care routine!

We're not kidding!

This sulfur-rich nutrient helps your hair be long, strong & lustrous!

- Support healthy hair growth 

- Tame frizz 

- Cleanse scalp 

- Polish hair strands 

- Nourish dry & itchy scalp 

- Improve shin, texture & manageability 

Flipping your hair makes it easier to hit those oft-ignored areas, which need just as much attention as the top of your head in order to get a truly deep clean!

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