Tackle Winter Muscle Spasms

Tackle Winter Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are sometimes also referred to as muscle cramps.  They occur when a muscle forcibly contracts and is unable to relax.  Muscle spasms are a common occurrence and may involve a single muscle, or an entire muscle group.  Typically, muscle spasms will occur in the following areas:

  • Abdomens
  • Arms
  • Calves
  • Foot Arches
  • Thighs

How The Cold Affects Your Body: 

As the weather gets colder, this causes the muscles in your body to lose heat, leading them to contract.  As a result, they get tighter and decrease your range of motion. To compensate for this, your muscles are forced to work harder than they normally would in milder weather.  This can increase fatigue, leading to longer periods of pain and discomfort after a workout or any type of movement than you would normally feel in warmer temperatures.

Soulflower Products You Need:

Why You Need Them:

  • Rich in nutrients & vitamins 
  • Packed with moisturizing & nourishing properties 
  • Alleviate muscle ache & pain 
  • Relax muscles 
  • Relieve stiff & tensed muscles 
  • Lingering soothing aroma 

Winter is brutal on your muscles and sometimes after a long day at work, all you and your loved one needs is to lie down and enjoy a full body, relaxing massage.

Well, we bring to you the ultimate partners to get relief from winter spasms & muscle aches at the comfort of your own home!

100% Pure & Natural Aroma Massage Oils!

Bottles packed with the goodness of nature, pick from soothing & revitalizing Tea Tree or the sensual & aphrodisiac Romance to enhance your emotional connection or the stimulating & comforting Lavender to have a relaxing day!

Power Packed with essential oils, these massage oils not only help you get comfort but also indulge in the magic of aromatherapy, nourish your skin and bring tranquility to your mind, body and senses!

So, what are you waiting for! Get your hands on your favourite massage oils today!

Still have doubts? Feel free to reach out to our in-house specialist for any beauty concerns! 

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