Tanning is one of the common beauty problems faced by almost everyone. The intensive heat of the sun affects our skin in many ways. Exposure to direct sun rays makes our skin look dull and tanned.

Tanning is one of the common beauty problems faced by almost everyone. The intensive heat of the sun affects our skin in many ways. Exposure to direct sun rays makes our skin look dull and tanned. Though the sun is a great source of vitamin D, mild exposure to UV rays accelerates the synthesis of vitamin D and melanin in the body. People with sensitive skin are more prone to suntan

Soulflower Product you need🌿

Got sun tanned skin? Here's a Natural & Handmade option for you!
Juicy Red Tomato Soap

Did you know? Tomatoes contains lycopene which actually acts as good sun protecting factor

Exposure to sun makes your skin damaged & tan, adding this soap to your routine will help you with sun damage! This fresh soap is handmade & naturally made from farm grown tomatoes!

Why you need it 🍅

  • Revive dull & damaged skin 
  • Tackle pre-mature signs of aging 
  • Shield skin against sun damage 
  • Give skin a radiant glow 

Quick Tip: Always use a sunscreen!

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