Smell Therapy

Smell Therapy

Many people are discovering an unexpected side effect of the pandemic: the loss or impairment of their sense of smell. It takes a loss of this type to realize how important our sense of smell is. Olfactory dysfunction is the technical term for a loss or impairment of your sense of smell. This type of dysfunction is so named because your olfactory system is the body system responsible for your ability to smell. It's made up of not only your nostrils and nasal cavity but also olfactory nerves that connect the outer sensory parts to your brain.

There are three main terms to know if you want to be able to describe a smell impairment:

  • Anosmia- The complete loss of smell
  • Hyposmia- A partial loss of smell
  • Parosmia- A distorted sense of smell (familiar scents smell strange or unpleasant)

Soulflower Products You Need:

Steps To Take: 

  • To stimulate and amplify the nerves in your nose that are responsible for smell, Sit down somewhere comfortable with your four bottles of essential oils. 
  • Open one, hold it a few inches away from your nose, and take gentle sniffs for 20 seconds.
  •  While you're doing this, focus on your memory of what the oil smells like and any good emotions associated with it.
  • Repeat the process until you've gone through all four different scents.
  • Do this twice a day for 4-6 months 

Other Aromas You Can Use: 

Losing your sense of smell is brutal. That is why understanding what Smell Therapy is and how it works is so important.

Smell therapy is actively sniffing the same aromas every day, spending around 20 seconds on each scent, and really concentrating on what you're doing.

It's that easy. It's safe and anyone can do it.

Soulflower Essential Oils are 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted. Indulge in the refreshing & minty aroma of Eucalyptus or the sharp & citrusy aroma of Lemon.

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