Sanitize Your Home!

Sanitize Your Home!

Other than your regular supply of soaps and store bought sanitizers, it’s always beneficial to keep essential oils handy. Specifically at this hour. Essential oils are extracted from herbs and plants and are devoid of any harmful chemicals. Just like your food and what’s going inside your body, it is equally important to take care of what you are feeding your skin. So, when we are talking about using essential oils at these times, for us, Tea Tree is our go-to product.

Here’s a simple DIY on how to sanitize your home with just two ingredients:
✅10-15 drops of Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil.
✅1 and ½ cup distilled water.

1️⃣Add the essential oil to the distilled water in a spray bottle.
2️⃣Shake the bottle to incorporate the essential oil. Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight and heat.
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