Relieve Your Back & Neck Pain

Relieve Your Back & Neck Pain

Be it aging or our hectic work lives, the struggle of back and neck pain is real. If you are looking for a natural way to get comfort from muscle & joint pain? Close the medicine cabinet and try an age-old remedy that has stood the test of time: Ayurvedic Medicine.Β 

Soulflower Product You Need πŸƒ

Soulflower Back & Neck Pain Relief Oil with Botanical blend of 19 Plant herbs, Extracts & Oils

Your natural way to get relief from muscle & joint pain!

Inspired by natural ingredients based on "nuskas" taught by our elders, the Soulflower Back & Neck Pain Relief Oil is your silver lining!

Formulated with a blend of plant herbs & oils which are known to have properties that help with backache, strains, sprains, muscular pain in the leg, neck, joints & shoulders, this oil is Ayurvedic goodness for your healing therapy.

πŸ‚ Relieve joint & muscle pain

πŸ‚ Ease your pain in the lower back and legs

πŸ‚ Calming fragrance helps to soothe the senses

πŸ‚ Ease pain caused by sprains & strains

Need to know more? Get a FREE consulation from our in-house specialist today to get all the answers you are looking for!Β 

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