Powerful punch of Tomato & Beetroot - Try Soulflower Juicy Red Tomato Soap!

Powerful punch of Tomato & Beetroot - Try Soulflower Juicy Red Tomato Soap!


Tomatoes were recently added to the ever-expanding list of wonder foods that can solve all of your beauty problems. Tomatoes are a nutrient-dense superfood in addition to providing essential vitamins, and its face packs have proven to be a true beauty hero. Tomatoes are also an excellent choice for the face because their antioxidant content helps with a variety of skin issues such as pore reduction, blackhead removal, and collagen formation. Tomato for the face is a game changer when it comes to preventing tanning, managing oil production, and enlivening a dull complexion. That’s why Soulflower has their very special Soulflower Juicy Red Tomato Soap, let’s learn more about it in this article below, keep reading….


Soulflower has developed a proprietary process that ensures that all essential oils, herbs, and fruits used in the soap retain their therapeutic properties while retaining their distinct aromas. Our handmade soaps are cold-processed without the use of heat, and glycerine is a natural byproduct of our toxin-free saponification process. Glycerine moisturizes and hydrates the skin while also protecting it from skin infections. Our cold processed soaps are naturally alkaline, with a pH of 8-9, which aids in gentle skin cleansing. Soulflower soaps not only cleanse but also aromatize your skin, leaving you feeling and smelling great all day.


  • To Avoid Tanning

Tomatoes are apparently brilliant at removing tans. This face mask packs a powerful punch as well as astringent properties. This is because of the tomato pulp and vitamin C-rich formula.

  • Gets rid of dead skin

Our skin absorbs dirt, oil, pollution, and other harmful substances from the environment, causing it to appear dull and uneven over time. Because dirt gets trapped in the pores of the skin, regular cleansing is insufficient to remove it so using tomato soap every day does the work. Tomato enzymes gently exfoliate the skin by removing the top layer of dead skin cells.

  • Restores sun damage

Carotenoids found in tomatoes, such as lycopene and lutein, are not only responsible for the red colour, but they also protect our skin from UV damage and repair photo-damaged skin.

  • Equal Complexion

There is an abundance of vitamin C in tomato and beetroot which brightens the skin tone, improves skin texture and provides all-round hydration.

  • Skin irritation is relieved

Certain ingredients in makeup and skincare products can irritate your skin, and using anti-acne products excessively can also cause your skin to flare up. Tomatoes are high in anti-inflammatory compounds, which help to soothe irritation and calm the skin.

  • It has anti-ageing properties

Flavonoids in tomatoes such as resveratrol and catechins prevent cellular degeneration of the skin and protect the body against environmental stressors and early ageing.


  • Because Soulflower soaps are double the size of regular soaps, we recommend cutting them in half. 
  • Storing the unused portion in a cool place is recommended. 
  • Lather up your hands by rubbing them together.
  • Apply liberally to your face and body. 
  • They are gentle enough for daily use.


  • This handmade soap is quality checked, SLS free, and free of harmful chemicals like Hexane and Silicon, as well as preservatives like Parabens, Sulphates, and Phthalates.
  • This handcrafted cold-processed soap is suitable for all skin types.
  • If stored properly, it is best before two years from the date of packaging.
  • Keep the bar away from bright light. Soulflower soaps are made from natural and pure ingredients, and their colour may change over time; however, their efficacy will not be affected.


Tomatoes can improve many of your favourite dishes, but they do more than that. They also improve the health of your skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles, less inflammation, skin brightening, de-tanning, prevention of sun damage and many more. Adding Soulflower Juicy Red Tomato Soap to your everyday routine will only make your skin look beautiful each day. So what are you waiting for? Order yours from Soulflower now!


  • What are the directions for use?

Soulflower soaps are available in large bar sizes; cut the bar in half and store the unused half in a cool, dry place. Scrub gently over your body to remove dead skin cells and get brighter skin.

  • Can we apply this soap to our faces?

You can use this soap to gently scrub your face. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to take the lather in your hand and massage it gently.

  • What are the benefits of using handmade soap?

Soulflower Cold-processed soaps are handcrafted with nourishing, high-quality essential oils that protect your skin and produce a fluffy lather. Glycerine, a natural moisturizer, is found in handmade soaps. Commercial soaps, on the other hand, contain low-quality oils that can harm your skin.

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