Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth

All of us aspire to have hair as long and lovely as Rapunzel's, what if it can come true? 

Having trouble getting your hair to the length you want or dealing with hair loss? Don't worry, we have a reliable and efficient solution. We have been hearing about Onion oil for hair growth from a lot of DIY hair hack videos. Let's find out more about it today.

A little back story of Onion Hair oil

The use of onion hair oil has become more widespread recently. Before delving into beauty and hair care, it is crucial to consider its ayurvedic history and where it all began. According to Ayurveda, red onions have the finest nutritional and therapeutic qualities. Onion hair oil for hair loss has been successfully used for hair treatments. Onions are a terrific source of nutrients that are excellent for your hair, such as vitamin C, vitamin B9, vitamin B6, potassium, and many more. They provide you with stronger roots that promote hair growth, so your hair will look its best. Additionally, applying onion oil regularly to your scalp can have anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, and antibacterial benefits that promote a healthy environment for hair growth.

 Onion hair oil for hair growth: It promotes regrowth and controls Hair loss

Onion hair oil, which is high in potassium and sulphur, has been shown to firm hair strands, thicken split ends, and reduce breakage. It promotes the creation of new hair follicles by maintaining the pH of the scalp and hair roots.  Having so many benefits, all that is required is a persistent commitment to using this hair oil daily, And remembering to eat a healthy, nutrient-rich diet in addition to utilising this miraculous hair oil.

Benefits of Soulflower Onion Hair oil 

1) Optimises the hair growth cycle:

Onion hair oil has the ability to activate specific enzymes on your scalp, which aids in the hair growth cycle's optimization. Faster hair growth and less hair fall, as a result, give the mane a healthier appearance.

2) Onion hair oil for grey hair:

 Onion hair oil contains specific enzymes that can protect your hair from free radical damage, which delays the onset of grey hair. So regular use of onion hair oil will delay premature greying.

3) Prevents thinning and breakage:

 Thinning and greying of hair might be a result of stress, certain nutritional deficits, underlying medical issues, or even your heredity. Essential vitamins and minerals included in onion hair oil are particularly effective at delaying and reversing the onset of premature greying. Rich in sulphur, onion oil for hair regrowth can work wonders to stop split ends, breakage, and thinning of the hair. 

4) Onion hair oil for Dandruff:

Onions' antibacterial and antiseptic qualities aid in the treatment of bacterial infections, which reduces dandruff. It prevents any fungus infections, flaky scalp, and dandruff while keeping the scalp nourished and healthy. The secret to having good hair is having a nourished and balanced scalp, which onion oil can assist with.

How to apply?

Hack 1.0:  Simply massage your entire scalp for 15-20 minutes with a few drops of pure onion oil. Avoid using excessive pressure, and make sure the oil is well absorbed into the scalp. After two to three hours, you can use gentle shampoo to wash your hair.

1) Hack 2.0: The onion hair oil should be combined with a carrier oil, such as almond or olive oil, and heated to a mild temperature if you wish to utilise the hot oil therapy. Apply this concoction on your scalp and all the way down your hair. It is advisable to apply this to your hair the night before and then wash it out the next morning.

Things to know before using Soulflower Onion oil:

- If you are overly sensitive to the smell of onion oil, you can cover it up by adding a few drops of any scented essential oil.

- Check the type of your hair. Avoid products with onion extract if your scalp is delicate or allergic.

- Make sure you are only using the advised amount if using homemade onion oil.


Sulphur and critical nutrient-rich onion hair oil strengthen and thicken hair while promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss, greying, dandruff and scalp infections, and increasing the volume and shine of the hair. Having so many benefits altogether, let's give a shot at onion hair oil this time.

FAQ- Frequently asked questions 

-How long can we preserve organic onion hair oil?

Answer:  You can use homemade onion oil for up to six months after it has been carefully stored in a non-metallic container.

How long does it take for hair to grow after using onion hair oil?

Answer:Researchers discovered that after two weeks of twice-daily application of onion juice to the scalp, hair growth began. After four weeks, over 74 percent of individuals reported some hair regrowth, and after six weeks. 

Is it OK to let onion oil sit on my hair all night?

Answer: Yes, you can leave onion oil in your hair with carrier oil overnight. Just make sure to wear a shower cap over your head to prevent your pillows from getting stained. 





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