A Day at The Soulflower Farm!

A Day at The Soulflower Farm!

Soulflower is built on the values of compassion, sustainability & passion for creating premium, proven, effective personal care, made from organic ingredients to elevate your natural beauty. We strive to bring to you only the best nature has to offer & therefore, our “Farm to Face” initiative has come into existence. It is where we bring our products harvested & delivered from the farm, straight to your skin & hair, without any chemicals or preservatives. The motivation behind the initiative is sustainability-driven from the environment as well as the communities.

Our Soulflower Farm currently, proudly hosts 9 hectares of our very own plantation. We are growing and nurturing around 1200 trees and over 100 kgs of herbs. We make sure that there are no chemicals & pesticides involved. To ensure that, Our team trains local farmers in smart and sustainable farming practices & organic methods of growing crops. Fresh and pure ingredients are usually grown and harvested in smaller batches to ensure optimal vitamin, minerals & oxidant content. Soulflower makes certain that each ingredient is painstakingly nourished, picked, and cold-pressed & has the maximum benefit of your skin & hair.

We understand how important it is to have an authentic & honest relationship with our customers, keep them updated at every step of the way about the products that they want. We have a transparent Blockchain that enables customers with complete transparency and traceability to have full information on Soulflower products.

This initiative is more than about just being sustainable. We are motivated to provide the best opportunities; we train & equip tribal women & youth to be independent & self-sufficient. Our ambition is to keep doing that & more in the coming future with your love & support. We aim to grow all the ingredients used in our products at the Soulflower farm, also to keep building your trust & confidence in us as the best fully Organic, preservative-free, cruelty-free, all-natural, clean beauty brand to solve all your skin & hair problems.
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