4 Tips To Stay Hydrated Inside-Out!

4 Tips To Stay Hydrated Inside-Out!

There can be many signs throughout the day when our body tries to remind us to stay hydrated. It could be as simple as feeling thirsty or getting a headache, or it can show in our hair and skin. The balance of hydration is one that isn't really difficult to master, so here's how you can address it with 4 simple steps:

1. Drink Water!

Since about 60 percent of your body is made of water,  it plays a major role in your body's functions, including transporting nutrients to your cells and whisking away toxins. It also keeps skin cells plump, which is important to prevent dry and dehydrated skin. Include fruits and vegetables high in water content like cucumber, watermelon, orange, etc.

2. Don't forget to cleanse your face!

But also remember to not overdo it. Make sure the ingredients you use retain your skin's natural moisture instead of stripping it off. Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Sandalwood, Almond, etc.

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 3. Always moisturise!

There is no correct time for a moisturising break. Give your skin the nourishment it deserves whenever you need to. Moisturise when you come out of a shower when you have to go out or simply when your skin feels dry.

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4. If you reach for a cup of coffee right when you wake up, you may not realize that your body will take much longer to rehydrate. At night we naturally dehydrate as we need to sweat and detox in our resting stage to reset for the next day. Reaching for a pH-balancing drink will not only hydrate you but also naturally energize you. This will start your day off on the right foot as your bowels will regulate, your cravings won’t stir to sugars and carbs, and you’ll notice more stable energy.

As the weather gets a little hotter, you may find your skin getting drier, dehydrated and more prone to itchiness. While slathering on toners, serums and moisturisers are key to bolstering skin health, hydrating and moisturising your skin from the inside-out is key too. The skin needs nutrients to help heal and repair itself, and these work on a cellular level to keep your skin smooth and supple. The skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF) is a protective barrier that protects your skin and seals the moisture in it. Eating right & using the right products consciously formulated with naturally derived botanicals & bio-actives can help rebuild this barrier keep your skin hydrated from both within & on the surface!

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