The Ultimate Beard Care Guide

The Ultimate Beard Care Guide

You’ve grown the beard you always wanted and paired it nicely with a moustache. But grooming it is a task. We break it down for you while providing the fundamentals of cleansing, caring and styling your beard, and more. We're bringing to you a guide to maintain meticulous and continuous routine for your facial skin and hair.

It can be difficult to tell what's happening to the skin beneath your beard. Whether your beard is close- cropped or full or bushy, skin problems can develop beneath it. 


Your beard tends to collect a lot of dust, dirt and debris throughout the day, which stick to your hair follicles. And that debris together with oil and sweat becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and clogs your sebum producing glands, which results in the development of red painful bumps aka acne, one of the most common concerns. Acne also appears due to ingrown hair, which are formed when the hair curls back in the skin. This results in skin irritation and redness.   


What can you do? 

We suggest you to go all natural. Keep your skin away from chemicals for it to be healthy & flawless. Introduce these ingredients into your daily self care routine:

- Lemon

- Tea Tree

- Jojoba 

- Lavender 

Soulflower products that can help: 

You have a problem, we have a solution. Pure, Natural & Effective, Farm2Face skincare solutions to help you with how you can look after you epic beard. 

- Aloe Vera Gel

- Tea Tree Oil 

- Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar 

- Beard and Moustache Oil 



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