Soulflower Lavender Bath Salt

Soulflower Lavender Bath Salt

This natural bath salt draws out impurities from your body giving you a relaxing retreat and helps you feel the power of bathing with 84 ancient pure trace minerals and earth energy. Soulflower Lavender Bath Salt is soothing and immensely moisturizing for your skin. Also, it not only keeps your skin exfoliated, glowing and healthy but also helps you have a good sleep.

🌸Lavender Essential Oil enriched

🌸Pure and Natural Sea Salt

🌸Perfectly effective for all skin types

🌸Gentle and natural detox formula

Make Your own bathing scrub

Pour 1 cup of Lavender Bath Salt into an empty glass container. Add ½ cup of Soulflower Coconut Carrier Oil over the salt. Add 3-4 drops of any Soulflower Essential Oil for added benefits. Evenly mix all the ingredients and use this as a scrub once or twice a week for a moisturized and rejuvenated skin. Wash with lukewarm water and pat dry

Facial Scrub

Take ½ teaspoon of Lavender Bath Salt and add 4-5 drops of Soulflower Grapeseed Carrier Oil (Oily & Normal skin) or Soulflower Castor/Olive Carrier Oil (Dry skin). Mix them evenly and gently scrub your face. Use a wet cotton pad to clean and pat dry.


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